A dental implant is a solution for a missing tooth or teeth.

A titanium rod is placed gently into the jaw bone, where it integrates, or ‘fuses’ with the bone.  This can then be used to support a single porcelain tooth, or if a number of implants are placed they can support multiple teeth.

As a specialist periodontistDr. Richard Horwitz BDS MFDS RCSEd FHEA (GDC No 211790,)  practices the surgical placement of dental implants, bone and soft tissue grafting.  We are therefore able to offer both simple and more complex dental implant solutions, according to your particular requirements. We use Straumann dental implants.


Straumann is a leading dental implant company that has earned worldwide trust for over 60 years.  Whilst cheaper dental implants are available, we are convinced that few companies have as much to offer in terms of consistent of a good quality product.  With a dental solution that may last you many years it is important to us to use a solid company that is unlikely to go out of business, so that spare parts are available should you need a refurbishment.

Richard graduated from the University of Sheffield Dental School, away from his London roots, where he was awarded the Tom Pitt-Ford prize in Endodontology.

He was then selected for the three year program in Periodontology at the Eastman Dental Institute (UCL), in order to complete his specialist training.

Richard is the current treasurer of dental fraternity Alpha Omega London Chapter and Charitable Trust. He is also a member of the International Team for Implantology (ITI) and British Society of Periodontology.

Outside of dentistry he is a keen skier and passionate supporter of Chelsea FC.  Richard has thus far escaped pet ownership but we are hoping to win him over now that we have scooped him up in Chipping Norton!

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