Endodontics is also well known as ‘root canal treatment’. 

Here at Cotswold Dental Wellness, Adrian Jones is our dental surgeon with a specialist interest in endodontics. Adrian is here every other Tuesday and focuses his work purely on endodontics using our surgical microscope, giving our patients the best success rate for their treatment. 

There are some scenarios where your general dentist may struggle to complete root canal treatment or their treatment may be unsuccessful (infection remains). These include:

  • Blocked root canals
  • Curved root canals
  • Unable to locate root canals
  • Instruments breaking within the root canal
  • Root damage during treatment
  • Unexplained pain

In these scenarios your dentist may refer you to see Adrian Jones. 


Endodontic treatment has a high success rate. Even if you have had a root canal treatment which has failed, it is possible in many cases to re-do the treatment with a successful outcome, rather than having the tooth extracted. 

After your treatment with Adrian you will be referred back to your dentist for a crown to protect the tooth (if necessary).

A dental implant is a solution for a missing tooth or teeth.

A titanium rod is placed gently into the jaw bone, where it integrates, or ‘fuses’ with the bone.  This can then be used to support a single porcelain tooth, or if a number of implants are placed they can support multiple teeth.

Straumann is a leading dental implant company that has earned worldwide trust for over 60 years.  Whilst cheaper dental implants are available, we are convinced that few companies have as much to offer in terms of consistent of a good quality product.  With a dental solution that may last you many years it is important to us to use a solid company that is unlikely to go out of business, so that spare parts are available should you need a refurbishment.



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