Emergency Care

Life is full of surprises.

Infuriatingly toothache, a broken crown, a filling that falls out all never seem to happen when the dentist is open.

Thankfully patients of Cotswold Dental Wellness have an easy and simple way to get emergency treatment out of hours and if you’re on our Patient Membership plan, even whilst aboard.

If you’re at home and suffer a problem with your teeth out of hours and it simply can’t wait until Cotswold Dental Wellness is open again, you can call Cotswold Dental Wellness and the answerphone will provide the details of the on-call dentist.

Cotswold Dental Wellness 01608 642993.


Patients on a Patient Membership plan from Cotswold Dental Wellness have the added piece of mind of being able to see a local dentist whilst aboard.

Should you have a dental problem whilst aboard, you’ll need to find a local dentist to treat you. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are a great place to find local dentists whilst away. You’ll need to pay for any treatment received but don’t worry because as long as you get the dentist you’re seeing to fill out this claim form, you’ll be able to claim towards the cost of your treatment on your insurance policy when you get home.

To Recap

Make sure your store Cotswold Dental Wellness’ phone number (01608 642993) in your mobile or on a pad by your home phone.

If you’re traveling aboard, make sure you download and print this claim form and take it with you along with your policy details which can also be downloaded here.

Make sure you have a check up at Cotswold Dental Wellness before traveling if your worried about any dental issues.

Do your homework before you leave. Chances are that you’ll never need a dentist whilst you’re away, but it makes sense to find a local dentist just in case. Use Google or Yahoo to find a dentist near your resort and check their online reviews too. Hotel staff and resort reps can usually help too with emergency medical care.

Finally If you need to see a dentist aboard, make sure they fill out and sign their section on the claim form to ensure your claim can be processed successfully.


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