Whether it’s frown lines, crow’s feet or that perfect pout, Cotswold Dental Wellness have the solution!

Using well established methods and a safe purified Botulinum Toxin, we are able to reduce the effects of wrinkles.  You will see results within 2 weeks and effects last for around 3-4 months.

For the treatment of deeper more established lines and folds, we are abe to use dermal fillers.  These can be used in conjunction with Botox ® to great effect.

The Dermal Fillers we use, are non-permanent gels made from hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in your body.  Results are immediate and last for around 9-12 months.

This dermal filler therapy can also be used to add volume and redefine lips, which rejuvenate your smile.

See below for a more detailed explanation of these treatments.

Botox® is a derivative of ‘botulinum toxin’, which when injected into a muscle, causes it to become weakened or inactivated.  It stops the muscle from working by blocking the chemical messages from the nerve getting to the muscle.

We use our facial muscles repeatedly, day in, day out.  This causes the skin to crease and with the aging process these areas of overuse become damaged and the lines become permanent.

By reducing the movement of muscles in these ares, the skin stops being creased and can recover, causing the lines to soften or even fade away.  In the areas treated the muscles are temporarily inactivated (aways reversible), during which time you can break the subconscious habit of overusing these muscles.  Depending on each individual and the does used, the response to treatment can vary from a relaxation of the muscles to an inability to use the muscles.

For the first couple of years, frequent treatments are required to ‘re-educate’ the facial muscles.  Thereafter, treatments would be less frequent until yearly maintenance is normally all that is required.

Botox® has been in use since 1978.  Whilst in high concentrations it is a potent poison, used in the minute doses as in cosmetic therapy, it has a very high margin of safety.

What happens during treatment?

The procedure takes about 15 minutes.  You will be asked to use your facial muscles, frowning and raising your eyebrows for example, so that we can observe how they work.  An extremely fine, short needle is used to inject Botox® into the appropriate area.  This may cause some slight but brief discomfort.

The area may have some slight redness and swelling, which normally resolves in an hour or two.  After treatment we will give you a list of do’s and don’ts which include, do not lie down for four hours after treatment, and do not massage the injected area.

The treatment normally starts to take effect after 4 – 14 days, but this may vary slightly with some individuals.  The effects will normally last 3-4 months.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects of this treatment are rare. Most people find that the injection causes only mild discomfort.  Immediately after the injection there may be mild swelling, which usually subsides in 48 hours.  Occasionally a slight drooping of the eyelid can occur which may last a few weeks but will always resolve.  Special eyedrops can be prescribed during this time, to help to lift the lid back to the normal position.  In extremely rare cases patients have developed an allergy to the treatment, while others have shown resistance, i.e. it causes little or no effect on the treated muscles.



Dermal fillers are injectable products which are used to help to restore volume or fill in various lines around the face.  They are injected under the skin to give a more youthful or enhanced look.

Whilst synthetic and natural types are available, at Cotswold Dental Wellness, we only use the natural fillers.  We also only use non-permanent fillers, as this is a safer technique.

How are they applied?

Dermal fillers are administered by a trained medical practitioner and are injected around the face using various techniques.

What happens during the treatment?


Dermal fillers generally take around 30-45 minutes to administer.  Dr. Claire Hudson will discuss your thoughts and assess your face to decide on the best treatment plan for you.  she will then determine the injection site to achieve the best results for you.  Topical anaesthetic cream is generally applied 30 minutes before the treatment.  Your practitioner will then administer the dermal fillers through several linjections.  You can usually feel the initial injection but the procedure shouldn’t be painful as the filler contains a little anaesthetic.  You can return to work or day to day activities immediately.

Are there any side effects?

If they do occur they are:

  • Temporary/Mild to moderate
  • Most common are slight bruising and swelling from injection sites
  • A detailed list of side effects can be obtained at your consultation

When can you see results?

Dermal fillers work instantly.  Following treatment the area should be left alone to settle.

How long does it last?

Dermal fillers last around 4-8 months but this can vary from person to person.

How much does it cost? (Botox® and Fillers Price List)

Botox® wrinkle treatment
1 area


2 areas


3 Areas


Dermal Fillers
1 syringe


2 syringes


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