Dr. Rob Endicott

Dr. Rob Endicott (GDC 73516) is the Dental Sedationist at Cotswold Dental Wellness.

Rob graduated in Birmingham UK in 1997 and in 2003 decided to focus his practice on the growing number of people who were scared of the dentist. He uses a whole suite of sedative procedures to ensure that the patient is as comfy as possible, and pain free.

Rob is responsible for the Phobia Clinic at Cotswold Dental Wellness, which treats nervous patients and those who struggle to go to the dentist.

Rob regularly works with the other dentists in the practice to ensure that patients experience hassle free dentistry.  Being sedated whilst having your treatment done is very effective and once the sedative is administered, we see even the most terrified patients visibly relax.

We only begin your treatment once you are confortable to do so.  Sedation is safer than a General Anaesthetic.  It doesn’t completely ‘put you to sleep’ but most of our patients remember very little if any of their treatment.

Many people find embarrassment stops them from coming in if they have been too scared to come in for some time. Please please, don’t be embarrassed we are not here to judge you, we are here to help you.
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